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Your Ultrasound probe exporter!

OEM Transducer Supplier

Design for your needs

Weiteng Technology focus on ultrasound probe design, We can offer all type of customer needs whatever cost of the probe or high image quality . Base on customer requirment we can provide different design projects . We provide the best trade-off between complex transducer designs and acoustic performance.

Our portfolio of transducers includes:

• Convex arrays
• Linear arrays
• Phased arrays
• Biplane endocavity probes
• Probes for minimally invasive surgery
• High-frequency phased arrays for pediatric and neonatal applications


      We apply state-of-the–art equipment, technologies, and people to solve the customers' business problems, guarantee repeatability in the parts, service and support we provide, and support your needs including prototyping, testing, short-run and high-volume requirements!
      We have more than seven years productions experience . We offers complete probe assemblies as well as acoustic modules. We manufacture the full spectrum of transducers.
• Specializing in high sensitivity, broad bandwidth transducers.
• Electronic arrays.
• Piezo-composite transducers in the full range of applications.
• Backing strips , match layer , covers
• Toolings and Jigs ,Module











      We can offers probe repair and refurbishment for a variety of ultrasound probes, including convex, phased array, linear, and TEE for a wide variety of manufacturers.       In many cases, repairs on damaged or broken probes can be made for a fraction of the cost of a replacement new or used ultrasound transducer.
      While some repairs are relatively easy and cost-effective, our engineers will evaluate your transducer for repair and make recommendations on whether to repair, replace.

Strain relief

Cover housing





GE/Philips/Siemens/Toshiba/Hitachi/mindray/medison/esaote/sonosite etc

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WeiTeng(Unitek) technology is found in 2007 , we have one expert team who dedicate in design and manufacture high performance ultrasound transducers which could be customized according to customer requirements. We are the best partner that can provide significant advantages in performance, price and reliability..

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